Fossilized Six Species Mass Kill


55 x 95 inches.

Twelve Fish and Six Species (1-Gar, 2-Diplomysis, 1-Notogonius, 1-Pheroitus, 3-Knighta, 4-Piscacara) 5 x 8 feet. All natural, none of the fish we placed. The only know specimen of this type, a mass kill of many fish but different species, that was ever recovered from the Ulrich quarry. This was Carl Ulrich’s favorite mass kill specimen. Green River Formation. Syncline Fossil Lake, Kemmerer, Wyoming

Prepared by Carl Ulrich

The present Ulrich Quarries originated in 1947 as an avocation of Carl and Shirley Ulrich. In the

following decades, the Ulrich family developed new techniques for the removal, cataloging,

preparation, and preservation of the unique ancient life of the Green River Formation. As ardent

naturalists, the Ulrich’s were instrumental in the enforcement of the Federal Antiquities Act

laws, the development of the Wyoming Field Institute, and the development of state policy with

regard to the degredation of antiquities. In 1972, the creation of Fossil Butte National Monument

fulfilled the Ulrich’s hard-fought efforts to protect the unique sites within the Buttelands Area.

Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery has served for over seventy years as the center of Carl J. Ulrich and his

proteges’ meticulous hand-preparation process. Hours of patient, dextrous work are required to

expose the fragile details of a fossil. Ulrich fossils are among the finest available and can be

found on display in museums and galleries, public and private, around the world, including the

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. After World War 2, President Eisenhower presented

one of Mr. Ulrich’s prepared specimens to the emperor of Japan as a gift from the United State

Government to the people of Japan. Today, Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery continues its tradition of

hand-excavating and the hand-preparing the finest specimens available from the Green River

Basin. Whether you’re a fossil enthusiast, rock-hound, or purveyor of fine home-décor, by

purchasing from Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery, you can be sure that you’re getting pieces of superb

quality that will last a lifetime.

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